Complete Plumbing & Drain Cleaning services. Copper re-piping, and now with winter and FROZEN PIPES, we are here to HELP!Burst water lines
Winter is almost upon us and time to prepare your house plumbing for falling temperatures. First and foremost, silcocks, hose bibs, wall hydrants or wall faucets ,call them what you want but they are the funny looking faucet on the outside of your home.
These are very destructive little guys come spring if you have forgotten to remove your outside watering hose from them during the winter months. You may be thinking hey I bought a frost proof kind, but reality is that if you don’t remove your hose and let them drain out you still will have a freezing problem on your hands.
What happens is when you leave your hose on the silcock it does not let water drain out of the inner chamber, then the water freezes and has no where to expand so it bursts the copper pipe. As the homeowner you are unaware of this until spring when you decide to use your silcock for the first time and get no water out of it because it is blasting water all over the inside of your home.
Burst water pipeStill confused call 1STChoice Plumbing Network to have them assess your current plumbing system condition. Another winter plumbing problem is frozen sump pump lines that will burn out your sump pump. Most of the time this is because the sump pump discharge is connected into a shallow drain tile or storm sewer that after a few weeks of below freezing weather the lines will freeze up and block the flow of water and it will then burn out your sump pump from working so hard. Most drain tile lines are not trenched below the frost line leaving them vulnerable to freezing temperatures.
There are many solutions to avoid this unnecessary and costly repair call 1STChoice Plumbing Network plumbing to set up an appointment to discuss your individual sump pump needs., Another newer winter problem is in regards to the growing popularity of tankless water heating. These are nifty super efficient water heaters that have an air intake and exhaust venting system.
The problem occurs when you get drifting snow that blocks one or both of the pipes extending outside your home. The possibility exists that the installer of the tankless system may not have known to raise the piping to a satisfactory height to avoid the snow drifting problems.
If you own one of these super efficient systems and don’t believe it is at proper height call 1STChoice Plumbing Network plumbing to evaluate your options of raising up the pipes to avoid a cold shower or worse a ruined tankless heater. These are a couple of things to think about as winter slowly descends upon us.
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