Boiler Servicing – Nine Benefits of having your boiler serviced

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Boiler Servicing – Eight Benefits of having your boiler serviced

Having a boiler service is a relatively quick and easy way to make sure that your boiler is secure, safe, efficient and reliable. There are many formidable advantages of having your boiler serviced and this article will outline eight core benefits.

  1. Boiler efficiency can be improved by 15%

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By having a one-off boiler service annually, your boiler efficiency can be increased by up to 15%. This is an incredible improvement and this opportunity cannot be missed!

  1. You will have a more reliable boiler


If you ensure your boiler is checked regularly, there is less chance of breakage which means a more convenient life for you and your family. Imagine having no heating during a cold winter! Don’t leave it to chance!

  1. Boiler Servicingcan prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning


A yearly service can help prevent Carbon Monoxide poisoning which is very important. Every year, people die from carbon monoxide poisoning and it is important to prevent against this, so that more people do not suffer the same fate.

  1. A one off boiler service can be cheaper than boiler cover


By having a one-off service at non-peak times of the year, you can ensure that you get the cheapest price. Peak times tend to be higher in price.

  1. You can get a time that suits youclock-650753_960_720

Prevention is the best possible cure By planning a yearly boiler service in advance, you can ensure that you get a time that suits you as you will not have to organise it in an emergency when it breaks down.

  1. One-off servicing tends to be inexpensive when compared with a cover contract


It is inexpensive because you are only doing it all at once, rather than having monthly payments.

  1. You can get the best possible deal


By not being tied down to anything, you can compare prices of the local market.

  1. You aren’t locked into a supplier and can choose the best one for you.


Along with the financial benefits, you can get a plumbing company that you like.

  1. No customer eligibility criteria for one-off servicing


By not having boiler cover, there is no eligibility criteria and you are free to do as you please.

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